1984 George Orwell Essay Thesis

1984 George Orwell Essay Thesis-48
This makes him very upset with the government of Oceania, where Big Brother, a larger than life figure, controls the people.His dissatisfaction increases to a point where he rebels against the government in small ways.

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People don’t know what they are consciously remembering and what is told to them.

“The party had invented airplanes” (Orwell 127) is just one example of the party’s propaganda and false statements that change every day.

Winston rebels against the government of Oceania by starting a diary and constantly having bad thoughts against the government.

“Winston knows that he is doomed from the moment he has his first heretical thought .

The second novel is 1984 a story of dictators who are in complete control of a large part of the world after the Allies lost in World War II .

Orwell lived in England during World War II, a time when the totalitarianism state, Nazi Germany, was at war with England and destroyed the city of London. The first is Animal Farm a satire describing the leaders of the Soviet Union as animals on an animal farm.Winston’s first act of rebellion is buying and writing in a diary.This act is known as a thought crime and is punishable by death.Winston and Julia go to his house to meet with him. Soon after that, they are caught by the Thought Police and never see each other again.O’Brien, becomes Winston’s rehabilitator and torturer for the next 9 months. The first two stages are to force the party’s beliefs on him then learn and understand what is expected of him.He works in the Ministry of Truth, a place where history and the truth is rewritten to fit the party’s beliefs.Winston is aware of the untruths, because he makes them true.He goes into an antique shop and buys a shell covered in glass which is another crime punishable by death. Many thoughts race through his mind “I wanted to rape you and then murder you afterwards.Two weeks ago I thought seriously of smashing your head in with a cobblestone.A thought crime is any bad thought against the government of Oceania.Winston commits many thought crimes and becomes paranoid about being caught, which he knows is inevitable (Greenblast 113).


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