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In the last paragraph Myop picks up the flowers and places her bouquet in front of the lynched man.It is as if she is at a funeral, as if she has sobered from her carefree state to one of realization.

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As the story progresses, there is a significant shift in paragraphs four and five.

Walker begins to prepare the reader for her profound conclusion.

The story begins with the child happily exploring a forest.

But when she literally stumbles over the body of a dead man, her life will never be the same.

The diction of paragraphs four and five also contributes to the sudden shift in the passage.

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While the diction in the beginning was blithe, describing "beautiful," the language in paragraph five is negative, foreshadowing the conclusion.Specifically, Myop is disoriented by the, "strangeness of the land." It was "not as pleasant" as her usual expeditions.Furthermore, words such as "gloomy" and "damp" reiterate the dark setting and prepare the reader for the grotesque conclusion of the story.In the following sections, we will explore the setting, theme, and symbols of the story.Let's begin our analysis of 'The Flowers' by taking a look at where and when it took place, the setting.Myop's family lives and works on a farm by mention of their 'sharecropper's cabin.' This detail also helps create a sense of the timeframe as sharecropping came about after the American Civil War during the Jim Crow law era from the mid-1860s to 1960s.Sharecroppers were poor, typically black folks who worked and lived on an owner's land in exchange for a portion of the crops they harvested.Paragraph six, which is only one sentence long, marks a brief transition into the ending of the passage.Myop wants to return to her house, to the "peacefulness of the morning." But, while she was able to turn her back on the reality of her poverty, she will not be able to ignore the next truth that hits her.Paragraph three, however, marks a small yet significant shift in the passage.Walker begins the paragraph with "Turning her back on the rusty boards of her family's sharecropper cabin, Myop..." Myop's world is not behind her, but moves forward to the familiar woods.


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