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Little Red Riding Hoods representation of good and innocents is one of the key facts that have kept this story around through the years.The wolf representing evil is another key fact that has remained constant over the passing of time.The origination of the oral folk story has been theorized to come from the witch persecutions that were being performed in France in the 1600s (Perrault web site? Since the origination of this tale to the present time, there have been many different versions and re-writes.

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I bet parents wouldn 't like trying to explained to a six year old kids how in Grimm 's version Red Riding Hood coming out of the wolfs belly is referencing giving birth or how the wolf has sexual desires to Little Red Riding Hood....

[tags: Little Red Riding Hood, Fairy tale, Knowledge] - Little Red Riding Hood by Anne Faundez is a fairytale story about a naive little girl who finds her self in a situation with the Big Bad Wolf.

I can also see how children would be attracted and captivated by this fairytale.

While some may suggest that the story of Little Red Riding Hood is appealing to children, others would suggest that it is inappropriate....

[tags: Little Red Riding Hood, Fairy tale] - “Little Red Riding Hood” A Fairy Tale created by adults for adults.

The Fairy Tale has sexual themes and messages that come out as you read and tell the fairy tale.Telling little kids the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” when they are not of the age to understand the meaning behind such sexual material has no point to it.The sexual references in Little Red Riding Hood can not be understood by kids nor do parents want to try explaining these sexual references.Others portray the wolf as a cowardly crook that is just hoping to eat the little girl for dinner. evil plot, started out early trying to teach young children; to be good, obey their parents, and don't talk to strangers or you'll be eaten by a big bad wolf.The original story did a good job of getting this point across.There have been numerous changes to the way the wolf is presented but the over all symbolism has not altered.Some of the stories display the wolf as a sly intelligent predator methodically planning out the demise of Little Red Riding Hood.[tags: Little Red Riding Hood, Fairy tale, Patient] - When anyone thinks about a children’s fairy tale the most common ones that can come to mind is “Little Red Riding Hood”. Like how in “Little Red Riding Hood” the message is to not talk to strangers.Fairy tales have been created to help children understand things in a fun and enjoying way.Perrault’s short story conveys influential life themes on the idea of male predation on adolescent women who fall victim to male deception.Perrault successfully portrays these themes through his use of rhetorical devices such as personifying the actions of the antagonist Wolf predator as he preys on the protagonist Little Red.... She told me she wanted to go to her grandmother’s house, which was just down the path, but she was lost, so I, being the kind wolf I am, gave her directions. Later on, I began to worry if she reached the house safely. So I went to go check the grandmother’s house to see if she had arrived yet....


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