Answers To Critical Thinking Questions

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In fact in one of our previous posts, 27 Behavioural Questions You Must Ask Your Interviewees we openly discredited their efficiency!We just feel that they’re a little too off-putting for candidates, who are already feeling the pressure and unless utilised correctly, they really don’t reveal that much!

If they don’t get anywhere near but explain calculations that are based on sensible presumptions, then it’s a great sign.

Keep your challenging interview questions as job-related as possible.

Sometimes it’s not important to assess whether the answer is right or wrong.

If a candidate rattles off the answer immediately then chances are, they’ve faced this brainteaser before (a good, honest candidate will tell you if this is the case!

)Candidates who fail and don’t appear to ‘get’ the question or forget a major part of it (for example, they let the chicken and corn cross together) may have issues with listening, as well as critical thinking.


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