Art Classic Contemporary Essay Marxism

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Liedman shows how Marx’s masterpiece, emerges as a work of great prescience and power despite being written over a century and a half ago.

This edition includes an introduction by Eric Hobsbawm in which he highlights Marx and Engels’s enduring insights into the capitalist system: its devastating impact on all aspects of human existence; its susceptibility to enormous convulsions and crises; and its fundamental weakness.

is Gillian Rose’s investigation into Theodor Adorno’s work and legacy.

Rose uncovers the unity discernable among the many fragments of Adorno’s oeuvre, and argues that his influence has been to turn Marxism into a search for style.

Alfredo Saad-Filho is Professor of Political Economy at SOAS University of London.

He is co-author of Marx’s Capital and Brazil: Neoliberalism versus Democracy (Pluto Pres, 2017), and numerous works on Marxist political economy, political economy of development, neoliberalism, democracy, and alternative economic policies.

Two centuries after Marx’s birth, his work remains the bedrock for any true understanding of our political and economic condition.

Here we present our biggest ever Marx sale to celebrate the bicentenary of his birth, including An epic new biography of Karl Marx for the 200th anniversary of his birth.


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