Assigned Access Windows 8.1

All apps on Start: Simply click the Down arrow button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see all installed apps.

Highlights newly installed apps: The Start screen now highlights newly installed apps to help you easily access them.

They will need the password and network name to connect.

Reading list feature: Snap view now supports up to three apps: You can now place up to three modern apps side-by-side on each screen.

Native support for touchpad gestures: Unlike Windows 8, Windows 8.1 doesn’t require you install drivers to enable supported touchpad gestures.

All touchpad gestures are supported out of the box.Multi-monitor support for apps: Modern apps now fully support multi-monitor setup.Automatic updates of Modern apps: Windows 8.1 automatically checks and updates all modern apps installed from the Store and requires no manual intervention.New PC Settings: The PC Settings or the modern Control Panel has been updated with plenty of new settings.Most of the settings that are present under the old Control Panel are now available in PC Settings as well.Internet Explorer 11: This update ships with the newest version of Internet Explorer.Motion picture as Start screen background: The Start screen now supports and comes with a motion picture as background by default.Network behavior monitoring: Windows Defender now comes with network behavior monitoring feature to provide better protection to your PC.Internet sharing options: You can easily share your mobile broadband Internet connection with other people.Microsoft has finally released Windows 8.1 to the public and it’s available as a free update to all existing Windows 8 users.If you have upgraded to Windows 8.1 or planning to upgrade to Windows 8.1 in near feature, check out the 50 best features introduced with Windows 8.1.


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