Attendance Monitoring System Related Literature Thesis

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In the electronicplatform, the attendance management systemdepicts a simple client (antennae placed at classroom entrance) /server (privileged student database) system.

Students can visually see their names as they entered class on the screen and they are assured that their presence has been entered in the instructor’s database.

Presently we use a manual attendance monitoring system in our university.

As we all know there are a lot of problems with the manual students’ attendance monitoring system. That implies a requirement to design and develop a students’ attendance monitoring system considering the most of the issues related to this kind of a system.

Organizations where manual attendance recordings are done have to spend a lot of time, cost and effort for recording, maintaining and utilizing the time and attendance data of employees.

This requires the time-office to record the IN/OUT timings, track leave, and then use this data for generating payroll at the end of every month.

RFID is an automated identification and data collection technology, that ensures more accurate and timely data entry.

RFID is not actually a new technology; it only quickly gained more attention recently because of its current low cost and advances in other computing fields that open up more application areas.

The application of RFID Technology to student course attendance monitoring problem especially in developing countries in our proposition will lead to elimination or reduction of the quality time wasted during manual collection of attendance, creation of a student database management system that is not IJSER © 2013 Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 4, Issue 2, February-2013 ISSN 2229-5518prone to errors or being manipulated by anyone and above all aids in better management ofclassroom statistics for allocation of attendancescores in the final grading of student performance in a particular course.

A number of related works exist in literature, application of RFID Technology to different areas and specifically to the area of academic attendance monitoring problem.


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