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Continue by explaining that the intrusive and distracting aspects of the cell phone produce widespread damage elsewhere, from ruining an evening out at a fine restaurant, to precipitating a major automobile accident.The "hook" or motivator of an essay is a thought-provoking quotation, question, or remark that is part of the introduction to an essay.with the horrible effects and outcomes of bullying.

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The cheating aspect is a real problem, since many cells have Internet access.

I have seen students using Wikipedia from their cells in college classes, looking up info for in-class assignments that allow no notes or text--or Internet.

If we fail in the education industry to use the powers of the cell phone, we are missing out and may ultimately lose our students.

When students can be more efficient and convenient on their own, they will eventually go to online schools anyway.

If students would only use them responsibly, and within the boundaries of school guidelines, few teachers would complain.

There are any number of different topics you could write about.Since your teacher is looking for negative aspects of cell phone use, the potential for addiction might be a good hook - surely no school would want to promote addictive behaviors! You might begin with a question: In an emergency, are your students safe?Then you go on to explain that if each student has a cell phone and service is not blocked, help can arrive more quickly.You could consider the destructive effects of text bullying in schools, and the possible fatal consequences of this (sadly there are several examples of this you could cite). For example, say you are for allowing cell phones and your target audience is the principal.Immediate access to social networking through phones has served to further compound this problem. You might begin with a question: In an emergency, are your students safe?For instance, you could create a scenerio in which the teacher calls attendance and the student is absent, but his/her friend says, "Will his/her cell phone count?It is on record and has the answers to the homework in a text message that I can forward?The addictive nature of the cell phone is just too much for students to disregard them for a whole class period, and many students can't resist the temptation to use them in some manner.I think they're great for emergencies, and I see nothing wrong with students using them between classes.Our district has recently cited cell phones as not just acceptable, but necessary in the classroom.While many teachers are frustrated with cell phone use, I have found it essential for several reasons.


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