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From the time of its existence till today, the Barbie doll has taken on many professions like a doctor, dentist, paleontologist, firefighter and many others.

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The girls who played with a Barbie doll – irrespective of whether it was dressed as a fashion model or a doctor – saw themselves in fewer occupations than are possible for boys. Potato Head reported nearly as many career options available for themselves as for boys.

The two Barbie dolls were identical except for clothing, with unrealistic bodies, extremely youthful and attractive faces, and long full hair.

Sherman and Zurbriggen used girls’ dolls play to study the impact of gender role socialization, a process through which children learn to abide by culturally prescribed norms and which perpetuates gender stereotypical behavior.

Thirty-seven girls between four to seven years old from an Oregon college town were randomly assigned to play for five minutes with either a sexualized Doctor Barbie or Fashion Barbie doll, or with more a more neutral Mrs. The girls were then shown photographs of 10 occupations and asked how many they themselves or boys could do in the future.

Running Head: Analysis of Barbie Doll Insert His/her ANALYSIS OF BARBIE DOLL The Barbie doll has become a fashion icon for young girls.

Barbie doll was first invented in the year 1959 by Ruth Handler.Some people are of the opinion that Barbie can be regarded as a woman who has many choices.Young women idolized her as a source of inspiration.It was introduced in an American Toy Fair in New York.The dolls were sold at each during the first year that they were brought in the market.The researchers found it didn't matter if girls played with a fashion Barbie, above, or a doctor Barbie, below.They reported fewer careers as future possibilities for themselves than they reported were possible for boys.These dolls are not only a thing that children like playing with but for girls it helps them imagine what they would look like when they grow up. The history of the Barbie doll started with the love story of a young boy and girl who fell in love and at that time in America there was a little tradition of girls going to college so they got married at a young age whose name are Ruth and Elliot Handler who had two children Barbie and Ken.They both owned a company in the 1940’s that used to make wooden frames."But girls who play with her may not apply these possibilities to themselves." Sherman suggests that Barbie and similar dolls are part of the burden of early and inappropriate sexuality placed on girls.“Something about the type of doll, not characteristics of the participants, causes the difference in career aspirations,” she said.


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