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He throws away the hospital workers’ soma supply because, he says, it makes the citizens of the World State “slaves.” At the end of the novel the Controller, Mustapha Mond, allows John to live however he chooses.John chooses to seek truth through ritual self-punishment, but he fails in his search and gives into the temptations of pleasure. From the beginning of the novel until Bernard’s visit to the Reservation, Bernard Marx is the protagonist. He is physically small, “eight centimeters short of the standard Alpha height,” which means that people make fun of him. This sets him at odds with the society of the World State, where everyone is supposed to feel the same as everyone else.

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John is first introduced through the following description: “the dress of the young man who now stepped out on to the terrace was Indian; but his plaited hair was straw-colored, his eyes a pale blue, and his skin a white skin, bronzed” (Huxley 116).

This demonstrates that John is stuck between the two cultures, unable to fit in completely in either one.

In a society that celebrates stability and lack of individuality, Bernard is often mocked because of his size, and “the mockery made him feel an outsider; and feeling an outsider he behaved like one, which increased the prejudice against him” (Huxley 65).

The prejudice that Bernard feels manifests itself as bitterness and discontent, especially with the rules of society.

Bernard’s association with John “the Savage” makes him famous and popular. From Chapter 8 until the end of the novel, John is the story’s protagonist.

John is the ultimate outsider in the World State, because he grew up on the Savage Reservation, where none of the World State’s technologies or forms of social control have been introduced.

In the end, he is exiled to a remote island because he is unable to go along with the standards of society.

Much like Bernard, Lenina Crowne stands out because of her physical appearance, but in this case, it is because she is more beautiful than the other women.

She also shows other glimpses of nonconformity, such as maintaining an exclusive relationship with Henry Foster for several months.

Her friend Fanny warns Lenina of the dangers of this relationship when she scolds, “I really do think you ought to be careful.


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