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Moving through the variety of perspectives I could sense a common ground of insight and concern that informs the traditions—a unity that is all the more potent when spoken through the diverse voices.” —Craig Holdrege, author, The Nature Institute “Seeds are it, containing within their humble abode all of life’s potency, promise, and potential. It is chock full of seeds ready to take root in hearts and minds, sparking a reverentially infectious connection to life’s sacred beginnings.” —Trathen Heckman, director, Daily Acts, and board president, Transition US “Seed is life. “A first of its kind, this collection of articles from great spiritual and cultural leaders from around the world reflects the cosmic intelligence embedded in all forms of life, where seed acts as the source and the connection to the higher self.

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We have woken up to the fact that the problem of food security is painfully pressing for the coming generation: what this book tells us is that we cannot address this without thinking again very radically about how we see our human growth and nurture; and we cannot cultivate a ‘spirituality’ that pays no attention to the facts of hunger, waste, environmental degradation and so on. But such naming does more; it moves us beyond protest and calls forth a necessary reverence for the material stuff of Creation.

This is an exceptional testimony to the holistic thinking our society so desperately needs.” —Dr. In this fine collection of essays the subject is seeds, but what these authors call for is nothing less than the re-enchantment of the world." —Fred Bahnson, author, director, Food, Faith, and Religious Leadership Initiative at Wake Forest University School of Divinity; book is a testament to the relevance of the seed selection of our ancestors that we have an obligation to continue for ourselves and future generations; seed saving, and by extension appropriate selection, is a natural behaviour of human kind and a very important part of our positive position in the potentially infinite cycle of life on Earth.

As humanity becomes more and more disconnected from the natural world so do our relationships with the life-supporting systems that we are destroying faster than our ability to understand the future consequences and impacts.

Extinction of traditional seed species is likely to be one of our longest-lasting legacies and likely our own extinction.

These articles light a luminous path forward.” —Mary Evelyn Tucker, co-director, Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University and Emerging Earth Community; executive producer and co-writer, Journey of the Universe “A reverence for our ancient seeds is essential to our very survival. The humble seed on which we totally depend is just as invisible, humble, and unappreciated as holiness itself often is. M., Center for Action and Contemplation “By virtue of the fact that ‘the end is in the beginning’ with reference to everything in life, the primordial sacredness of a ‘seed’ is a reality we should all embrace. The Prayer of the Seed: ‘I am but small and seemingly insignificant yet I bear life in my tiny body.

explains in beautiful detail how and why we must protect them.” —Ed Begley Jr., American actor, director and environmentalist, Ed “Through the seeds, they say, speak the voices of the ancestors. As a Franciscan, I know that is exactly where we find the greatest mystery and the most alluring truth.” —Fr. This brilliant series of essays by the most distinguished of spiritual thinkers reveals every aspect of this truth with great force and clarity. I am a source of hope for a hungry and hurting world.ESSENTIAL TO SURVIVAL, seeds have profound spiritual implications.For centuries the planting of seed in the earth not only nourished humanity, but also symbolized the mystery of life and the journey of the soul.The essays in present us with another possibility, an urgent awakening and honoring that reunites seeds with the sacred.” —Suzanne Marstrand, founder, Earth Origin Seeds “Generative inspiration and awakening thoughts pour out of these pages like seeds waiting to land in the rich soil of cultivated empathy.Tend them with the light of thinking and the warmth of interest and invite the miraculous to emerge.” —Martin Ping, executive director, Hawthorne Valley Association “ is a not only an homage to the endangered nourishment of our planet but to the spiritual source of our lives.Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, and current Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge “Ever since I watched the women in Bangladeshi farm families carefully saving seed from one generation to the next, I’ve pondered on this greatest symbol of our connection through time to those who came before and those who will come after. Without governing ethics, science has continued in a direction of seed manipulation that can only be honestly described as sociopathic behaviour governed only by short-term greed.” —Geoff Lawton, permaculture design pioneer, Geoff “Through gorgeous photography and essays spanning many traditions, this book offers a diversity of lenses to view the sacredness of seed.” —Charles Eisenstein, author & speaker, Charles “ honors farmers and eaters around the world who recognize that seeds are not only the foundation of the food system, but that their preservation is intricately tied to the preservation of humanity.This book is a rich storehouse of wisdom for all the springs to come.” —Bill Mc Kibben, founder, 350“This book is timely and timeless in its importance. Seeds provide both dietary and cultural diversity—reminding us of our past and providing us with future sustenance.“The present unspeakable violence to seeds, which is a human-caused tragedy, has too often been tacitly condoned through silence.In no small way the perspectives of an evolving universe have catalyzed the writings in this book, and they counteract that silence with an expansion of the rich spiritual legacy of traditional wisdoms. “We also give thanks to the farmers, activists, and ordinary people who have struggled mightily, with conscience and their own common sense, to resist the desecration of the seed.This book provides a powerful perspective to temper our unseemly rush to engineer everything within the biosphere.” —David Suzuki, author, "There is no more beautiful gift from nature than the seed--and its protection is vital to our survival.Vandana Shiva, Navdanya, the Global Peace Initiative of Women, and the brilliant spiritual leaders who contributed their voices to this book are all elevating our dialogue about seeds, and the profound role they hold for the future of all humankind." —Alice Waters, chef, author, culinary visionary, and proprietor of Chez Panisse “These essays establish, with clarity and eloquence, a single crucial insight: our spiritual well-being and our approach to the use of the Earth for our nourishment are inseparable. Whether secular or religious, we must recognize and preserve the bounty of nature or we stand to lose our very humanity.” —James Hansen, former director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies "To name a seed as sacred is to make a small but emphatic protest against its commodification, genetic manipulation, and corporate control.


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