Biology A2 Coursework

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Zara was able to tap into this and in a few lessons provided her with the confidence she was lacking and she went on to get an A. The sessions gave her a lot of confidence in her ability to answer questions and helped her improve her grade from a C/D to an A!

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Mix and match to take a broad approach to your studies, or drill deep into the areas that interest you most.

If you’re passionate about ecology, conservation or animal biology, you’ll develop real-world skills with our field courses – studying large mammals in South Africa, dinosaur fossils in Canada or ecological interactions in Croatia.

Zara was extremely helpful to me whilst I was preparing for my Biology and Chemistry Foundation Science retakes.

We only had a short amount of time to cover a lot of content and she managed to do that for me who hardly knew anything with Chemistry.

The lessons were extremely worthwhile and gave our daughter a lot more confidence for the exams (June 16). She is so friendly and understanding and she explains everything in a way that is easy to understand.

Before I started the tutoring sessions, I was really struggling with exam technique and applying my knowledge to harder questions, but Zara provided me with loads of practice and help for answering them and I improved by 3 grades!I'd highly recommend Zara for anyone doing Chemistry or Biology, whether it is A-Level or a Foundation Degree level.Zara's lessons were very well prepared and targeted to the particular exam Board. Zara has really helped me with my chemistry A level (OCR Chemistry A).Thank you for helping me rebuild my confidence in AQA A2 chemistry.The resources given really helped me with fully understanding certain parts of the course I found challenging. Zara is an amazing tutor, she took her time to teach every topic on the AQA Biology specification in detail.After every lesson, I felt confident that I understood all of the material we covered that day.My daughter felt her knowledge of chemistry was not secure enough in relation to the mathematical elements. Zara tutored Kate for the summer term of year 12 and really helped her improve her exam technique in chemistry OCR for A-level.Go global and study abroad as part of your degree - apply for our Biology BSc with a Year Abroad.Queen Mary has links with universities in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia (partnerships vary for each degree programme).Entirely based on what she achieved for us I cannot recommend Zara enough.Zara was very encouraging throughout our sessions and her notes were alway thorough, which helped when reviewing content from both the AS and A2 specification.


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