Bloom Allan. Interpretive Essay. The Republic Of Plato

Bloom Allan. Interpretive Essay. The Republic Of Plato-14
(1987), Bloom pays Mick Jagger special attention as a particularly pernicious sort of confidence man.Bloom died before the explosion of gangsta rap but would no doubt have made the same argument about Jay Z, a man who bulwarked a budding rap career by selling crack to his community with the strident entrepreneurship of a Harvard MBA.

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He ought to warn the student that it is not in Plato’s but in Bloom’s mind that “Socrates constructs his utopia to point up the dangers of what we call utopianism; as such it is the greatest critique of political…

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Somehow, online communities don’t quite do it, leaving young people more connected but less fulfilled. But it now encounters a fresh obstacle, for the meaning of the story is that the truth is substituted for myth.

They scratch their heads and blink and continue clicking away, not realizing that the longings they feel were once profoundly explored by ancient Greeks. Today students are taught that no substitution is possible and that there is nothing beyond myth or “narrative.” Historicism and positivism are still the watchwords in the academy, but as virtual and augmented reality promise to reshape man’s already confused sense of self and place in the cosmos, I suspect that the power of Plato’s “Cave” will increase, alongside a longing for metaphysical “rootedness.” That, or we can look forward to a .

Bloom also provides 130 pages of an “Interpretive (sic) Essay.” This Essay is not a bit satisfactory.

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It has the outward appearance of a running précis of the Republic, but it constantly slides, without signals, into speculative elucidations, into objections, and into expressions of Bloom’s own sentiments, including some understandably anti-utopian ones.

Because music is central to the soul and the musicians are such virtuosos at plucking its cords, Socrates argues it is imperative to think about how the development of the passions affects the whole of life and how musical pleasures may conflict with duties or other, less immediate pleasures.

This is intolerable, and many students feel that the whole Socratic undertaking is subversive of their establishment.

Of the three authors whose books on Plato are here under review Bloom and Friedländer belong to the larger tribe of the commentators who are unphilosophers, Sayre to the smaller tribe. Alan Bloom’s The Republic of Plato is, in the first instance, a new translation of the Republic.

Rejecting Cornford’s principles of translation, Bloom undertakes to give us a blunt, literal, and nearly word-for-word rendering of Plato’s Greek into philosophically untendentious English.


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