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Thad Mc Ilroy is an electronic publishing consultant, analyst and author, and principal of The Future of Publishing.

Since 1988, Thad Mc Ilroy has provided consulting services to publishing and media companies, printers, prepress shops, design and advertising agencies, as well as vendors serving the publishing industry.

I am just imagining how much further that % is going to deviate from the baseline once I add in a few more of his strategies to my sales process.

Further on in the book Brian explains that objection only really come down to 6 categories (see in my objection notes below) and that you need to create bulleproof rebuttals to these 6 categories of objections if you truly want to become a master sales person.

This book is like a bible for learning how to close sales and understand cues on where a person is at in the closing process.

In his book Brian takes us through the process of dealing with objections to a sale, How to actually close a sale, the different methods for closing a sale and how and when to use them effectively.

From what I have read, watched and seen over the years in successful entreprenuers know how to sell reasonably well and are exceptional at selling their ideas and visions through clear communication that leaves no wondering on the part of the other party.

This is why The Art of Closing would easily be on my must read book list for any person no matter if you are in customer service, sales, marketing or run the business.

Either way comment below and I look forward to chatting to you again when I do my next book review To deal with objections use the feel felt found method = acknowledging that the concern is valid!

letting the prospect know they are not alone in the concern and answering the objection in a satisfactory way. (Remain silent) Miss prospect just suppose that was not a problem is there any other reason to cause you to hesitate going ahead right now?


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