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Comment A comment question requires you to draw some conclusions about the issue under consideration.

This is often from the result of your considerations, workings and/or calculations have told you about the problem that you have been given.

Compare/Compare and contrast Asks students to describe two situations and present the similarities and differences between them.

A description of the two situations does not on its own meet the requirements of this key term.

For example: Distinguish between normal and supernormal profit.

Evaluate Invites students to make an appraisal of a situation.Describe Asks students to provide a description of a given situation.It is a neutral request to present a detailed picture.Questions that begin "evaluate", "assess", "critically assess", "discuss" or "to what extent" require students to show their skills of evaluation in order to reach the highest achievement levels.Explain Directs students to describe clearly, make intelligible and give reasons for a concept or idea.Define When asked to define it is essential that a very clear and correct definition is given of a specific word or concept.For example: Define what is meant by a free-trade area.If you are planning to relocate to the NYC area, please indicate your plans for employment.Here are some examples of command words that are the most common in economics and business studies questions and what they mean.Calculate This type of question is normally asking you to use specific knowledge' that you should have i.e. When doing a question like this it is important to show each step or stage of an calculation used.For example: Calculate the PED for a price change of .00 to .40.


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