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When it’s an important event, you look into the details and take them very seriously, because sometimes lighting could be pretty dangerous and difficult to deal with.

The truth is that for your event to have a wonderful look after the sun goes down you might not need much, just the candle stake lanterns from the Paper

We also offer lace parasols and organza bags to carry the parasol.

The bags are in different colors: blue, white, and pink Lace parasols have great designs and perfect combinations, allowing the guests to enjoy the lovely atmosphere and comfort.

All of the parasols are handmade and feature a bamboo handle so that they will serve you well for your summer parties, weddings, and other different summer gatherings.

Buy Paper Lanterns Online Canada

We offer you parasols in absolutely different sizes that come in black or white colors.Our paper pom poms can be placed somewhere around candle holders and place settings.It is exactly what you need for a wonderful dinner party. So if it’s, for example, a Halloween party, you’ll need the orange and black colors which we also have to offer. At our online store, you can also find the best star lanterns and star lamps that hang on a ceiling hook.You can place them in the center of your room or in front of your backyard. To date, there is a huge range of flashlights available for you at a price and quality, meeting your needs.We are presented from ordinary paper lanterns lit by a candle, to controlled lanterns with special batteries, as well as decorative hanging, floating and flying lanterns with a lid.So, if the sun is bothering you through the summertime, our parasols are the solution!What you need for a more colorful bridal shower or a birthday party are paper pom poms that float in mid-air.LED operated lanterns offer inexpensive ways to add illumination and chic appeal to your interior.Those who wish to purchase our long-lasting nylon lanterns will be able to use them at night swims and different parties.If you want your event to look good without having to fuss over its preparation, then these candle stake lanterns in the Paper Lantern Store are the ideal choice for you.Obviously, these lighting decor items not only deal with house parties and weddings but are also used in other places like different buildings and facilities.


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