Case Study Of Rural And Social Entrepreneurship

Case Study Of Rural And Social Entrepreneurship-5
In addition, inquiries suffer from a uniformity of methods, and a case study design reigns. The study has taken Friendly Mart as a case study to understand community-based entrepreneurship; events and activities are limited to a single occurrence.However, the drawback of a single-case design is its inability to provide a generalizing conclusion.

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Concerning the type of research applied in this form of study, a qualitative research approach is evidently dominant.

New insights might be gained by applying a quantitative research approach more frequently.

A recent research and theory on transitional economies, together with growing interest in micro-credits, has an effect on community issues as principal elements of entrepreneurial activity among underprivileged people (Bates ), and efforts to encourage entrepreneurship in developing countries have been shaped by a western outlook.

But societies differ substantially in the degree to which they incorporate elements of entrepreneurship (Hofstede ).

To overcome this limitation, triangulation technique has been applied to confirm the validity of the process.

By replicating the case through pattern-matching, a technique linking several pieces of information from the same case to some theoretical proposition has helped to raise the level of confidence in the robustness of the method.

Entrepreneurial activities creating local public goods for a community have a comparative advantage over the absolute market-oriented activities.

This paper tries to follow a case study method to analyze the community-based entrepreneurship in a marginal community (Muslim).

This study tries to examine a community-based entrepreneurship through a case study approach with an implicit research question on how it can lead to livelihood development and eventual empowerment of the community at large.

This paper is comprised of a conceptual and empirical analysis, with the application of a case study method in a community-based retail chain for furthering of the concept, with the application of a case study method in a community-based retail chain with an aim of understanding the concept further.


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