Causes Of Alcohol Abuse In Teenagers Essay

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Early alcoholization creates in the teenager the illusion of activity, emotionality.

Drinking alcohol at any dose is considered a pathology in teenagers and in any case leads to alcohol poisoning.

A teen develops the conviction that taking spirits is a regular phenomenon in life, but in a fragile organism, alcoholic addiction is formed.

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Experiments conducted on animals show that in juveniles alcohol destroys chemical compounds in the brain responsible for training, more sharply than in adult animals.

This occurs with minimal doses of alcohol, even after a single dose.The effect of alcohol on a teenager is stronger than on an adult, and may affect the workings of the brain in the future.A teen is attracted to alcohol not due to its taste, but because of its effect that is a state of intoxication.In this drinking age essay we will examine how alcohol can disrupt this function.If you need an academic essay writer, you can find one on our website.The brain has the property of changing and becoming more resistant to alcohol when its use is repeated.In adolescents, this resistance can be very low, so the alcohol effect is different than in adults.The fact of drinking alcohol should be considered as an abuse.An overdose of alcohol in adolescents leads to amnesia due to the damage of nerve cells.The interests and character of the adolescent are changing, the desire for knowledge is falling, the desire to get money for drinking in any way is increased.You can ask ‘check errors in my essay’ and we are here to assist.


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