Cellulase Research Papers

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Being rich in lignocellulosic content, these can be used in production of many value added products such as enzymes, paper, paperboard, etc.

with simultaneous reduction in the environmental load.

Among the different industrial enzymes, cellulases hold a significant market owing to their wide area of applications that include food, brewery, textile, pulp and paper industries.

Cellulases are the hydrolytic enzymes comprising of three major types to yield sugars by cleaving the 1, 4-β-D-glycosidic linkages of the cellulose chain that in turn can be utilized for biofuel generation.

media composition and environmental conditions for obtaining high titer and productivity of enzyme .

For this, statistical tool can provide the benefit of optimization of different variables on the basis of their mutual interactive and influential role for a specific response.

Since cellulose is insoluble in water therefore its analogue CMC was used as a cellulosic substrate in the medium.

To isolate the bacteria, 5 g of the samples both heat treated and without any treatment were inoculated into 100 ml of 1% CMC (by mass per volume) and the enrichment was carried out by incubating under shaking (200 rpm) for 24–48 h at 37C.

In order to achieve high titer of cellulase, a central composite design (CCD) was constructed and performed for optimization of SSF with five process variables at five coded levels.

A 2 full factorial design was constructed leading to a set of 50 experiments that were performed in triplicates.


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