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He guides, directs, coordinates and controls the working of all the ministries and commissions.(5) As head of the real government (State Council) and the real executive, the Premier plays an active role in formulating the policies of the state.

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If the National People’s Congress approves the Presidential recommendation, the President appoints the Premier. In reality, the Communist Party decides who is to be the Premier.

The choice usually falls upon the second most important leader of the Communist Party, because the leader at the top usually likes to control the Communist Party as its Chairman or General Secretary. The Constitution further states that no person can remain Premier for more than two consecutive terms.

To sum up, we can say that whereas the Indian and British Prime Ministers are powerful largely because of their pivotal constitutional positions, the Chinese Premier is powerful largely because of his powerful position in the Communist Party.

The Chinese Premier is the most important person in the State Council and one of the two or three most powerful communist leaders of the Chinese political system.

As the head of the State Council, as a person upon whose recommendation all other ministers are appointed and as a person who guides, directs and controls the working of the State Council, the Chinese Premier occupies a powerful position which can be favourably compared with the positions of Indian or British Prime Ministers.

The Chinese Premier, like his Indian and British counterparts, is the head of the real executive and the real government.The Premier is neither chosen nor removed by the Standing Committee.All other members of the State Council are appointed by the NPC or the Standing Committee upon the recommendations of the Premier.One of the most controversial population control policies is the Chinese one child family policy which was implemented in 1979.The policy was forced by the view that the increasingly growing population could evidently compromise the economic development and sustainability of the Chinese nation (Liu, Onuaha, 2005).The office of the Chinese Premier is a powerful office both because of his headship of the real government—the State Council as well as due to the pivotal position that the holder of this office always occupies in the leadership hierarchy of the Communist Party of China.The 1982 Constitution has restored his position, which had got eroded during the period of the Cultural Revolution.The Premiership in China has been a powerful institution not because of the constitutional provisions but because of the fact that it has been held by powerful leaders like Chou En-Lai and Li Peng, who were strong leaders of the CPC.The success with which he implemented his Martial Law decision in June 1989 demonstrated Li Peng’s strong position in the Chinese political system.The President of China is only a ceremonial head of state.Because of his constitutional position as well as because of the strong position that he always holds in the hierarchy of the Communist Party, the Chinese Premier is always a powerful and active actor in the Chinese political system.


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