Common Application Essay 2015

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Many schools in fact simply embed these prompts in the main application itself.

This post summarizes the prompts required for 200 Common Application schools in our coverage universe.

If a particular college such as a highly orthodox religious one, a very conservative one or a very liberal arts one wants to focus on specific behaviors and activities, they are likely to ask for this in a supplementary essay anyway.

Ultimately it is your choice but whatever your decision, if you find you need to edit your essay after submission (e.g.

It is especially helpful to review all of the questions so you can collect information that you need before you start the online application.

Of course, you can always Save and Exit and return to the Common App if you need to ask your parents about their educations and occupations, etc.Always try to write more in your first draft and edit the words down to reach the word count.It is easier to remove a few words when you’re editing than it is to start thinking of a new idea to increase the word count.For example ‘their’ and ‘there’ are spelt correctly but have completely different meanings.Certain words although plural have a single verb which your grammar check may not pick up either e.g.Does this mean that you need to edit it for each separate College you’re applying to and create separate essays?With the amount of time and effort this will take against the benefit gained, our recommendation is that you just submit the one essay.‘the news are good’ is incorrect and should be ’the news is good’.Therefore please read and re-read your essay for spelling and grammar and ask at least one other person to read it purely to check for this.Our definition of a prompt is a question that requires more than a one word or one sentence answer.It's not perfect, but it should help you gauge the amount of writing you'll need to get through over the next few months.


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