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Are you taking the AP English Literature and Composition exam?If you’re taking the course or self-studying, you know the exam is going to be tough.For that, you’ll need to write a complete, efficient essay that argues an accurate interpretation of the work under examination in the Free Response Question section.

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Most likely, the books were divided into sections - fiction and non-fiction for sure - and further categorized based on the type of books, such as self-help, historic, science fiction and others.

Many people assume that these categorizations of subject matter are genre, and as a result, common language today has adopted a casual use of genre to mean subject.

While there is much debate over what constitutes a genre in literature, for the purposes of this article, we will break down the classic three.

From there, we will outline some of the subgenres for each, including those that some believe should be classified as main genres.

Of course, you want to do your best and score a five on the exam.

To do well on the AP English Literature and Composition exam, you’ll need to score high on the essays.The difference between genre and subject is often blurred by the world around us.Think of a time when you last visited a bookstore or library.Photo and Co/Getty Images In literature, every piece of writing falls under a general category, also known as a genre.We experience genres is other parts of our daily lives, such as movies and music, and in each case, the individual genres typically have distinctive styles in terms of how they are composed.In his study of genre, Alastair Fowler draws on Ludwig Wittgenstein's metaphor of "family resemblances": "Representatives of a genre may regarded as making up a family whose septs and individual members are related in various ways, without having a single feature shared in common by all" ( Kinds of Literature, 1982).The word “poetry” comes from the Greek word “poiesis” which essentially means, making, which is translated into the making of poetry.Poetry is typically divided into two main subgenres, narrative and lyric, which each have additional types that fall under their respective umbrellas.Poetry is a style of writing that tends to be written in verses, and typically employs a rhythmic and measured approach to composition.It characteristically is known for evoking emotional responses from readers through its melodic tone and use of creative language that is often imaginative and symbolic in nature.


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