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Sometimes, teachers don’t provide a marking criteria.If the teacher has simply provided an essay topic or question, that means the chances are they don’t have a list of outcomes they are marking your piece against.

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Irrelevant words are words that are overly descriptive, redundant, too emotive, or in first-person.

These words tend to get the same point across in far more words than necessary.

In this way, you’re both reducing your word count and increasing your mark.

Going through your paper and deleting irrelevant words can often save you several hundred words and could shorten your essay enough to get you back within the required word count.

I usually aim to go over my word count intentionally so I can creatively make the essay shorter in a way that increases my marks.

If I go over the word count, I can look back over my piece and find my worst performing paragraphs and remove them.

This not only helps me to ensure I present my best work to the teacher, it also forces me to admit that some of my writing is better than others.

It keeps me critical of myself and always aiming for improvement.

This procedure is somewhat more complicated than Google Translate, but if you want to give it a go, you can get instructions from the Microsoft help website and go from there Hearing your paper read out loud back to you can help you to identify which paragraphs or sentences are worth removing.

Here’s some things to keep in mind while listening to the computer read your paper out loud to you: Pause the read-out-loud each time you find a sentence long or awkward and work on shortening it.


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