Coursework Questions Macbeth

Coursework Questions Macbeth-15
The thanes fought "rebellious arm 'gainst arm" to curb "his lavish spirit" (I, ii, 56-7).Macbeth's stature increased to fill the space in the bundle of limbs opened by the death of the Thane of Cawdor for "what he hath lost, noble Macbeth hath won" (I, ii, 67).

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If one side tries to stand on its own then the second will fall on the first as it tries to stand.

This metaphor also excellently exemplifies the catastrophe that occurs in Macbeth as both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth try to separate.

The three together are very strong, but to stand they all must be united.

The longer a marriage is held the longer the bottom stretches, and the more dependent each person becomes on the other.

But through creating a false sense of security and feeding Macbeth hunger for power by proposing prophecies that will bring Macbeth great power such as eventually becoming king, the witches become very controlling over his actions.

Macbeth himself becomes quite dependent on them one his actions have got out of hand, evident when he ventures back to the witches in order to gain more information.

Through rewards act of nobility and granting positions of power juxtaposed to also punishing acts of betrayal and treason, Shakespeare illustrates the power of the natural order within Elizabethan society.

The composer conveys this view through the noble great warrior we were presented within at the beginning of the novel contrasted with the power hungry maniac that is Macbeth near the conclusion of the text.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth each experiment with external forces to gain independence from their spouse.

Macbeth uses the witches, on which he becomes increasingly dependent.


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