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Early on Vladimir and Estragon appeal to Godot in "a kind of prayer . So, despite Beckett’s denial, readers and audience members cannot but help posit Godot as representing, or at least paralleling, God and/or Christ. In Act II, Pozzo is compared to Adam and Eve’s sons Cain and Abel, thus suggesting that the characters are representative of the human race.Vladimir states that "hope deferred make something sick," a reference to the biblical Proverbs : "hope deferred maketh the heart sick” (2).

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Like the dogs in the song, the individual events in the men’s lives follow each other endlessly while they wait for Godot who never comes.

They are caught in a never ending cycle unable to do anything else or go anywhere else because of this incessant waiting for a man who never appears.

For Vladimir and Estragon, this repetition demonstrates the meaningless of time.

Just like the day before, each day has the same purpose—to wait for an unknown someone who never comes.

At the end of each act a boy arrives to inform the men that Godot will not arrive but will surely come tomorrow.

In this repetitive pattern, everything has happened many times and chances are the pattern will repeat itself, perhaps endlessly, unless Godot ever does in fact arrive and save them.When Estragon desires to go barefoot Vladimir tells him not to compare himself to Christ, but Estragon tells him that "all my life I've compared myself to him." Beckett also mentions the irregularities in the story of the two thieves who were crucified next to Jesus.So, despite the author’s denial of a religious interpretation of the play, the numerous references to religion remain significant even if they are simply used by the author to illustrate the folly of religious faith and to help him argue his idea of textual uncertainty. In , Beckett argues that questions regarding the purpose of human life are unanswerable.The meaningless of time, Beckett would argue, can be applied to the plight of all of humankind. Beckett denied a religious interpretation of and stated instead that the play’s many ambiguities hold the meaning.Discuss the possible religious significance of the play.Vladimir and Estragon are two men entirely dependent upon each other.Although they argue nonstop, and threaten over and again to part from each other, they nevertheless depend upon each other entirely for shelter, food, company and, most of all, for the reassurance that, indeed, Godot will appear and save them.Vladimir's song at the beginning of Act II underlines the repetitiveness of life.In the song, a dog comes into the kitchen and steals a crust of bed. Subsequently other dogs bury their canine friend, with an epitaph warning “for the eyes of dogs to come,” after which the ditty begins immediately again in circular fashion. Although it could be argued that the dog in Vladimir’s dog song is analogous to Lucky, who after all “might run amuck any minute,” who eats bones and whom Vladimir and Estragon contemplate giving “a good beating,” Beckett would have us believe that this song is representative, first, of the repetitive nature of the play and, second, of Vladimir and Estragon's circular lives (51).That's been going on now for half a century” (41).Thus, because of this remarkable lack of change, time has no meaning, and if yesterday was meaningless, and the days before yesterday were also meaningless, then time itself must indeed be meaningless.


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