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True critical thinking involves an intervention in one's own thought process in order to efficiently solve a problem.Unfortunately the administrative demands on today's educators don't leave much time to teach this process; as a result, there are an enormous amount of people in our workforce who lack this understanding.A manager resistant to new ideas, technology or expense may insist the company continue to provide the printed exams it always has.

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Whenever any of us approach a problem, we bring biases to the table, often unintentionally.

Prior experiences, cultural influences, assumptions about knowledge on the subject, or public opinion all play into our thought process, whether we're aware of it or not.

Ultimately, the company may discover that there are cost-effective ways to offer customers choices among several digital and print exam-building tools.

The critical thinking process can easily generate multiple solutions borne out of one question.

Using the same example, a critical-thinking manager at the textbook publisher not only takes the time to investigate options, but is comfortable taking the problem to colleagues across other departments.

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The collaborative nature of this process generates ideas from individuals who might not have otherwise been involved in the decision-making process.

Opening up to a variety of solutions can help you create new options for your customers.

Let's say a publisher of textbooks is informed by its sales team that educators want better options for creating exams.

In another example, applying the critical thinking process to product development may allow for a more polished product.

A company that markets to legal professionals, recognizing that their customers are required to maintain continuing education credits, decides to create an online continuing education delivery tool.


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