Critical Thinking Flaws

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If I'm rational, I try to induce you into spending time with me by creating an incentive for you.

But it's much easier just to start showing depression, acting as if I might kill myself soon if someone doesn't come cheer me up.

Thanks to the internet, we’re living in the age of information, but also the age of misinformation.

We’re subject to fake rumors, urban myths, marketing claims that are highly motivated to misrepresent the facts, friend of a friend stories, whether they’re innocent and fun, or malicious and trying to steal our money and lure us into a scam, as well as people trying to influence our thoughts and behavior, or our political thinking and our voting.

How do you keep people from challenging your authority or trying to steal your stuff?

Go into flights of periodic, self-detrimental rage to let them know you won't take their shit. Develop an overpowering illogical emotion called "faith".Maybe this feels artificial, but I think it is not so uncommon that being perfectly rational could be to your disadvantage.You'd be more susceptible to blackmail and more likely to back down from a standoff. Sometimes your payoff may actually depend on your knowledge.Pretend to be in love with the 70-year old tycoon, marry him, then stab him in the back and run off with the sexy young stud.To prevent this, people using emotion to signal their state of illogicality should make the signs progressively more subtle and harder to fake.On the other, there are emotional people getting better and better at making their emotional tells into subtle, subconscious cues, and also getting better at picking up on them.People who fall behind in this "emotional intelligence" battle wind up penalized in all their interactions throughout life.Of course suicide would be completely irrational, but I'm not acting rationally; I'm depressed.Recognizing this, you come give me attention, trying to cheer me up. Play with someone for whom you feel mutual, wild, illogical love.Humans tend to make a lot of errors in thinking, we make logical fallacies, our thinking is plagued with many false assumptions, our heads are filled with false facts, things we “know” to be true that are in fact false.Our thoughts also follow the pathway of least resistance, not necessarily the optimal pathway, and our memories are also massively flawed.


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