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In order to prevent passenger deaths from gas inhalation, safety officials recommend that passengers be provided with smoke hoods that prevent inhalation of the gases.

Which of the following, if true, constitutes the strongest reason not to require implementation of the safety officials' recommendation? Test evacuations showed that putting on the smoke hoods added considerably to the overall time it took passengers to leave the cabin. Some airlines are unwilling to buy the smoke hoods because they consider them to be prohibitively expensive. Although the smoke hoods protect passengers from the toxic gases, they can do nothing to prevent the gases from igniting. Some experienced flyers fail to pay attention to the safety instructions given on every commercial flight before takeoff. In many airplane accidents, passengers who were able to reach emergency exits were overcome by toxic gases before they could exit the airplane.

b) Property values have all risen—some very sharply, some less so.

c) Property values have for the most part risen sharply; yet some have dropped slightly.

Choice B is incorrect since finding the source of the cost savings in the trial shows that the savings were no mere accident and so reinforces the managers' conclusion.

Choices D and E are incorrect since by emphasizing that certain aspects of the product — its design and raw materials — were the same in the standard process and the new process, these two answer choices support, rather than cast doubt on, the conclusion that the process itself produced the savings. Passengers must exit airplanes swiftly after accidents, since gases released following accidents are toxic to humans and often explode soon after being released.d) Property values have for the most part dropped significantly; yet some have risen slightly.e) Property values have dropped significantly and uniformly.Choice A says that the hoods would delay passengers and is thus the best answer.If some airlines are unwilling to buy the hoods, it might be necessary to require them to, so B is incorrect.Choose your answer to the question and click 'Continue' to see how you did.Then click 'Next Question' to answer the next question.A trial production run using the new process showed a fifteen percent reduction in costs compared with past performance using the standard process.The production managers therefore concluded that the new process did produce a cost savings.Question: The argument in the passage depends on which of the following assumptions? The supply of illegal drugs dropped substantially in 1987. The price paid for most illegal drugs by the average consumer did not drop substantially in 1987. Domestic production of illegal drugs increased at a higher rate than did the entry of such drugs into the country. The wholesale price of a few illegal drugs increased substantially in 1987. A drop in demand for most illegal drugs in 1987 was not the sole cause of the drop in their wholesale price.Answer: E Answer Explanation: The only choice that must be true in order to conclude legitimately from the drop in wholesale price of illegal drugs that the program was a failure is choice E, the best answer.


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