Designing Dissertation Questionnaires

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Here are some simple rules to putting together the perfect questionnaire: Writing long winded questions that make perfect sense to you, giving half-formed ideas and concepts within a survey question, because after all, this concept is so very obvious, and all make perfect sense, but only from your point of view.One of the most common mistakes that most people, students included, make is that they may take some ideas, such as their audience being able to grasp all of their own, personal concepts clearly, as granted.

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Start by training your data collectors, if you have them.

Then distribute and collect the survey exactly as you would in practice.

Once you’ve found your testers, ask them to complete the survey one at a time (they shouldn’t be able to watch each other complete it).

The testers should complete the survey the same way that it will be completed in the actual project.

They think they don’t have the time or resources for it, and so they end up just running the survey without any testing. Even testing with one person is better than no testing at all.

So if you don’t have the time or resources to do everything in this guide, just do as much as you can with what you have available.

The size of the pilot sample depends on how big your actual sample is, and how many data collectors you have.

For a typical baseline or endline survey a sample of around 30-50 people is usually enough to identify any major bugs in the system.

This is an indication that the survey questions and layout are not clear enough and need to be improved. Once all the testers have completed the survey review your notes from each session.

At this point it’s normally clear what the major problems are so you can go about improving the survey to address those problems. However, if major changes are needed to the questions or structure it might be necessary to repeat the pretesting exercise with different people before starting the survey.


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