Dishwasher Problem Solving

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More info how to solve and avoid such minor problems you can find in the maintenance tips.The dishwasher display messages inform you about your dishwasher's status and lets you know if there is a dishwasher problem.Select the topic you are interested in and get helpful information and answers.

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On dishwashers with a screen then an error code is displayed.

View the error code and solve your problem with the following steps.

Common dishwasher problems that occur through everyday use include: dirty filters, a broken waste water pump, or water left in the dishwasher after a wash.

Clean the sieves in your dishwasher regularly to avoid dishwasher problems with pumping out the water, and to ensure best dishwashing results.

To prevent dishwasher problems and unpleasant odours, Siemens recommends cleaning the dishwasher at regular intervals.

Clean the filters in your dishwasher regularly in order to avoid problems pumping out the water and to ensure the best results.

' If your dishwasher does not heat up, this usually indicates a problem with the heating element. Contact the seller if there is still a warranty on the dishwasher.

If there is no longer a warranty, contact the manufacturer.

Don’t worry, most of the time the reason for dishwasher problems are easy to identify and simple to resolve.

Follow the dishwashing tips to ensure your dishes are sparkling every single time.


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