Dissertation Proposal On Terrorism And Islam

Dissertation Proposal On Terrorism And Islam-27
Non-violent popular revolt and Salafist Jihadism: competing paradigms for political change in the Islamic world; 8.Conspiracy theories related to (counter-) terrorism: is there a need for countering them? Warning the public: responsible crisis communications prior, during and after terrorist attacks - lessons learned and best practices; 10.Countering radicalisation and violent extremism in schools and religious institutions: evaluating existing programs; 28.

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Is there a disconnect between academic research on terrorism and the counter-terrorist intelligence community's knowledge (and knowledge requirements) regarding terrorism? Review of national terrorism prevention programs and policies in a comparative perspective; 6.

De-mobilisation of guerrilla and terrorist groups: best practices and lessons learned; 7.

Afghanistan: endgame scenarios and their regional and global implications; 48.

The Arab Awakening and its possible implications for terrorism and international counter-terrorism cooperation; 49.

The delayed impact of the 2008 economic crisis on terrorism, political violence, armed conflict and non-violent protests; 25. the rehabilitation of common criminals in prison: recidivism records compared; 26.

Prisons: new ways of preventing and countering radicalization of prisoners and advancing rehabilitation of convicted offenders; 27.The prosecution of terrorists in international comparison: national arrest, trial and conviction records compared; 22.The grievances of terrorists: should they be taken seriously or are they just pretexts and justifications for violence? The terrorism - organized crime nexus: new insights and developments; 24.Strengthening public resilience against terrorism: policies of individual states (e.g. New strategies for identifying and countering extremist ideologies on the Internet; 12.Countering terrorism: is it possible to limit the role of government and strengthen the role of civil society? Civil society and (counter-) terrorism: the role of NGOs in terrorism and counter-terrorism; 14. incitement to terrorism: the response of the courts; 20.Analyzing terrorist statements and internal writings: looking for cues regarding the expectedutility of terrorism in terrorist thinking; 33.Measuring the actual effectiveness of terrorism: findings from empirical research on the tactical and strategic outcomes of uses of terrorism; 34 State human rights violations in response to terrorism – how widespread, how serious? Kidnapping for ransom: the consequences of paying ransom and of refusals to pay. The messaging policies of Al-Qaeda, its affiliates and media jihadists: analyzing communiques and threat statements systematically; 37.CBRN threats, radicalization, suicide terrorism, jihadist terrorism) other (sub-) topics are un- or under-researched.In order to stimulate research, TRI presents this list of 50 un- and under-researched topics. While some topics are ‘fashionable” and obtain an extraordinary amount of attention (e.g. Authors wishing to submit a piece of work should review the author guidelines and then email submissions to seeks to stimulate individual and collaborative research on terrorism and other forms of political violence that threatening human security.


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