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Continuation in the program and renewal of the fellowship is contingent on meeting standards for academic performance judged in the annual evaluations mentioned later in this guide. coursework at other institutions, and no transfer course credits can be applied to these requirements except for prior graduate-level coursework at the University of Virginia, approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.

The University and the Department also provide other financial support, awarded on a competitive basis for student research including travel to archives, presentations of research at scholarly conferences, and language study at the University or at some other US or foreign institution. This coursework should be completed during the first four semesters (two years) of study.

Once cleared by the advisor to take their exams, students may schedule the specific days on which each exam is given, but must complete all of them within a one-week period.

If—and only if—the examiners agree that all three parts of the written examination have been completed satisfactorily, the advisor will schedule an oral examination as soon as possible following the submission of the written exam at which all three examiners must be present (preferably in person, but by video conference if necessary).

Coursework and the First Two Years Students must complete 12 graded courses of graduate-level work, equivalent to 36 graded credit hours, by the end of the second year. Thus the typical student should enroll for three graded courses in each of those four semesters.

Students will determine a course of study with their advisors, who have broad discretion to approve a course of study that best supports the student’s preparation for exams, research, and college-level teaching. In addition to these 9 hours (36 in total), the student should have one course of non-topical research (HIST 8999), for a total of 12 hours of enrolled credit in each semester.Each field examination will pose a question or questions to which students will write responses that, taken together, are no longer than 5,000 words (the total writing for all three fields exams should not exceed 15,000 words).Each of the three written examinations is to be completed within an eight-hour period, administered by the graduate secretary, and pledged under the University’s honor code.Graded graduate-level courses fall into four categories: .Numbered in the 5000- or 7000-series, these are small courses with a mix of lectures, guided readings, and discussions.(Undergraduate courses taken for graduate credit outside of History must be created and approved by that department.) Numbered as a 9961, these courses can be developed at the initiative of students or faculty, must be supervised by a member of the faculty, and must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. In addition to grades and faculty reports, the master’s essay will form a basis for evaluation.Students typically take a section of HIST 9961 in the fall semester of the second year to revise the master’s essay for publication, undertake directed reading in the literature of the intended dissertation, or conduct other research-related work. degree in History the student must have completed: Students can apply to receive the M. To be in good academic standing after the first year, students must meet the minimum requirement that a majority of their grades be A or A-. Students must obtain the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee to remain in the program and participate in graduate-level courses in history.The graduate program in history is small, highly selective, and well supported by the University.If a student is admitted, the University will provide a competitive financial package that will include a stipend for living expenses, remission of tuition, and cover the cost of University fees and single-coverage health insurance.Following this oral examination, the three examiners will decide whether the student qualifies to pass, or passes with distinction, to the dissertation stage of the doctorate. candidate, a student in the third year focuses on dissertation research and continues his or her development as a college teacher as a graduate teaching assistant.A student who fails the general examination can retake those parts of it (one or more of the written exams or the oral exam) deemed unsatisfactory, but only once, and must do so within four months of the date of the original written exam submission. During the fall and spring semesters of the third year the student should take the following: twelve credit hours of HIST 9999 Non-Topical Research (Preparation for Doctoral Research).


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