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If you’re not sure how to write such an essay, read further and follow the stages listed below in order to come up with a good classification and division essay.

If you’re not sure how to write such an essay, read further and follow the stages listed below in order to come up with a good classification and division essay.

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Avoid picking a broad topic unless you have a clear idea of how to narrow it down to fit into such a relatively short piece of writing as an essay.

After you’ve chosen your topic, you need to start planning of how your essay will look like.

When determining the categories of division and classification essays, there isn't necessarily one right or wrong answer.

So long as the items are related in a way that's observable and that can be made clear to the reader, you can create the categories in any way that you desire.

The body paragraphs should start with a topic sentence, which gives a brief identification of the category.

Then you need to get into specifics but don’t elaborate for too long.

Since you'll be called upon to categorize the smaller parts that you have broken the larger topic down into, you'll also need to decide how you'll classify the items.

In order to do this, you'll need to determine which elements are the most important to the subject, how they're related to one another, and how they affect the larger subject.

The division portion of the division and classification essay is meant to look at how one large subject or project can be broken down into several smaller parts.

The classification portion, on the other hand, takes those smaller items and puts them into various categories.


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