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In the previous article on free essay editor online we talked about writing an expository essay and reviewed a free sample of it.

In today’s post of free online essay editor blog we will also be able to learn more about another particular type of essay.

Free argumentative/persuasive essay sample Handwriting is a signature of human soul.

The look of person’s handwriting can tell us a lot about her personality, education and background, the same way the state of skin and hair can tell a doctor about a person’s health.

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Writing an argumentative/persuasive essay In our blog posts we discuss different aspects of grammar, language, academic writing as well as offer free samples of different essays.Last time we talked about expository essay and our today’s subject is composing an argumentative essay.This type of essay sometimes called argumentative and other times — persuasive, but the different names doesn’t affect the nature of this academic paper.Handwriting stimulates cognitive and motor skills, and enhances creativity.The extensive research conducted by Princeton University and University of California suggests that practicing handwriting stimulates cognitive development.But now some people argue that in our days of technological progress handwriting skills becoming useless and that there is no need to teach it to children.From first fleeting glance this thought might seem sensible to someone.Handwriting will prove to be useful not only during the childhood when we learn our ABCs but for the rest of our lives.The research shows that using handwriting instead of typing on a keyboard helps to remember and process the information better.But we should remember that our spiritual side and not calculus is what really makes us human. It is a part of our personality that differentiates us from others.By looking at handwriting we can tell one person from another.


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