Emancipation Paperwork Illinois

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Running away and disregarding parental authority are status offenses (i.e., misbehavior that would not be unlawful if committed by an adult), not crimes.

Parents can (1) report a teen behaving in either way to their local police department, (2) file a court complaint asking a judge to designate the teen a “youth in crisis,” or (3) ask a judge to declare the teen emancipated, giving him or her all the powers of an adult and relieving the parents of any responsibility for his or her care or actions.

This age varies from state to state, but it's usually 18 or 19 (it's 21 in Puerto Rico).

Until a child has reached the age of majority, parents are expected to provide them with shelter, food, and clothing.

A minor who is "emancipated" assumes most adult responsibilities before reaching the age of majority (usually 18).

Emancipated minors are no longer considered to be under the care and control of parents -- instead, they take responsibility for their own care.

In making this determination, the officer must consider (1) the parents3.

hold him or her in protective custody for up to 12 hours while the officer tries to determine a suitable disposition, so long as the teen is not held in a cell designed or used for juvenile delinquents or adults; The youth in crisis law permits the Juvenile Court to assume jurisdiction over 16- and 17-year olds who are beyond their parents' control, run away from home, or are truant.

It terms such teens "youth in crisis." It allows (1) various people to refer such teens to the court, (2) the court to order the teen to participate in various services, and (3) the court to impose sanctions to enforce those orders.

It specifies that a teen who violates an order is not delinquent and cannot be incarcerated in a state detention or correctional facility.


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