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The light which psycho-analysis is capable of throwing on the deeper problems of human thought and conduct is only beginning to be appreciated. ESSAYS IN APPLIED PSYCHO-ANALYSIS CHAPTER I A PSYCHO-ANALYTIC STUDY OF HAMLET 1 I PSYCHOLOGISTS have as yet devoted relatively little attention to individual analytic study of genius and of artistic creativeness, and have mainly confined themselves to observations of a general order.The field over which it can be applied is almost indefinitely large. They seem to share the shyness or even aversion displayed by the world at large against too searching an analysis of a thing of beauty, the feeling expressed in Keats lines on the pris matic study of the rainbow.A Contribution to the Relation between Aesthetics and Religion p261 CHAPTER IX War and Individual Psychology p360 CHAPTER X War and Sublimation .

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The parts touched on in the present volume constitute of course only a selection, yet they are sufficiently diverse political psychology, artistic and literary creation, national and indiv idual characterology, and the study of superstition, history, religion, and folk-lore. The fear that beauty may vanish under too scrutinizing a gaze, and with it our pleasure, is, however, only in part justified much depends on the nature of the pleasure and on the attitude of the analyst.

Experience has shewn that intellectual appreciation in particular is only heightened by understanding, and to further this is one of the recognised social functions of the critic.

Availability of Seminar VI is given Seminar VI: Desire and its interpretation: 1958-1959 : from 12th November 1958 : Jacques Lacan or here Access to the 1910 article is given The Oedipus Complex as an explanation of the Hamlet mystery: A study on motive : January 1910 : Ernest Jones or here . p381 CHAPTER XI A Linguistic Factor in English Characterology .

See below for references to Jacques Lacan’s Seminars.

THE ANNUNCIATION: BY SIMONE MARTINI PREFACE pvii CHAPTER I A Psycho-Analytic Study of Hamlet p1 CHAPTER II On ‘Dying Together’, with Special reference to Heinrich von Kleist’s Suicide p99 CHAPTER III An Unusual Case of ‘Dying Together’ p106 CHAPTER IV The Symbolic Significance of Salt in Folklore and Superstition p112 CHAPTER V The God Complex.

The Belief that One is God, and the Resulting Character Traits p204 CHAPTER VI The Influence of Andrea del Sarto’s Wife on his Art p227 CHAPTER VII The Case of Louis Bonaparte, King of Holland p245 CHAPTER VIII The Madonna’s Conception through the Ear.

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Also available to download ‘A Psycho-Analytic Study of Hamlet’ only here: Jacques Lacan refers to Ernest Jones’s 1910 paper and the article in his 1923 book in Seminar VI in his commentary on Hamlet.

Freud referred to the matter as the "Problem of Hamlet"; as if it were the only major critical question that mattered.

(More.) It should be pointed out, however, that the bulk of this material [psychoanalytic criticism] is devoted to what we call with impunity, The Problem -- namely, why does Hamlet hesitate to kill the King?


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