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After he was fired, Ovidio invited Cameron to stay on location and assist in the shooting.

Once in Rome, Ovidio took over the editing when Cameron was stricken with food poisoning.

That way I could sit down and read it, and if they'd let me photocopy it, I would.

If not, I'd make notes." When Cameron read Syd Field's book Screenplay, it occurred to him that integrating science and art was possible, and he wrote a 10-minute science-fiction script with two friends, titled Xenogenesis.

He dropped out of Sonora High School, then attended Brea Olinda High School to further his secondary education.

Cameron enrolled at Fullerton College, a two-year community college, in 1973 to study physics.Cameron was hired as the special effects director for the sequel to Piranha, entitled Piranha II: The Spawning in 1982.The original director, Miller Drake, left the project due to creative differences with producer Ovidio Assonitis, who then gave Cameron his first job as director.He soon found employment as an art director in the sci-fi movie Battle Beyond the Stars (1980).He did special effects work design and direction on John Carpenter's Escape from New York (1981), acted as production designer on Galaxy of Terror (1981), and consulted on the design of Android (1982).After Titanic, Cameron began a project that took almost 10 years to make: his science-fiction epic Avatar (2009), which was in particular a landmark for 3D technology, and for which he received nominations for the same three Academy Awards.Despite Avatar being his only movie made to date in 3D, Cameron is the most successful 3D film-maker in terms of box-office revenue.The interior scenes were filmed in Rome, Italy, while the underwater sequences were shot at Grand Cayman Island. On location, production slowed due to numerous problems and adverse weather.James Cameron was fired after failing to get a close up of Carole Davis in her opening scene.During his illness, Cameron had a nightmare about an invincible robot hitman sent from the future to kill him, giving him the idea for The Terminator, which later catapulted his film career.After completing a screenplay for The Terminator, Cameron decided to sell it so that he could direct the movie.


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