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No matter what kind of business documents you are writing it should be clear and concise.Business letter is a formal type of business correspondence between companies, clients, customers, contractors and managers.

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Associate Director Human Resources Department Technotronics Computer Consulting Ltd.

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There are many mistakes which are usually made in business writing: You should always remember that poor business writing is unacceptable in business world.

You can always get the professional assistance in business writing in order to save your business image avoiding serious mistakes.

Business writing is very important for institutions, corporations, companies and governments as it is the way they share information.

Good business writing influences positively on the company`s image and reputation.SOCIAL LETTER Is a friendly letter intended to convey personal messages to the people close to the writer.AIMS OF BUSINESS LETTERS Essentially speaking, all business letters are classified as sales letters because no matter what the purpose is, you still sell something to the reader. Hence, selling here as implied by the word business does not only involve monetary considerations but also other factors such as explanations, friendship, goodwill, apologies, acceptance, refusal, suggestion, comments, complaint, invitation, proposal, and others.Persuasive letter is a type of letter which is written to persuade individuals or organizations to accept the sender`s interest, perspective or issue.Letter of complaint is written when you are dissatisfied with a product or service and is intended to deal with a problem situation.Sales letter is a direct mail which is written to persuade the reader to buy certain service or a product.The Memorandum is a short message sent from one person to another or to a group of colleagues in the same organization.A letter is a written message sent to an individual or a group of people (Green and Ripley, 1998).It may either be a business letter or a social letter. Its tone and style should be formal and business like.Recommendation is a letter which by a colleague, client, previous employer, teacher who can recommend an academic performance or individual`s work.Proposal is an unsolicited or solicited submission by one party to buy or supply certain services or goods to another.


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