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Graffiti should be looked at as any other expression of creative skills in visual form.

There are many artists who evoke feelings of anger,...

Graffiti tends to get a bad reputation because it is the norm (rather than unusual) for it to be created in places where it is unwanted or criminal.

However, graffiti isn't the only type of art that has been seen in a controversial light.

May paintings and art displays have been seen in a negative light.

There was even an entire movement in art where society decided that nudity was inappropriate; leaves were added to paintings and statues to cover any nudity that had been previously acceptable.

Graffiti was never a serious problem before the invention of canned spray paint.

Painting pictures and lettering on other people's buildings is a crime, and there can be little doubt that most the painting is done with spray paint that was obtained by shoplifting, which is another crime.

We recently offered our students a documentary of the foundations of graffiti art, the people behind it, and the reasons for its existence.

It was actually quite an enriching and informational piece of media.


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