Essay On Driving Safely

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Submit your application & essay by email by the deadline noted above.

Submit your application & essay by email by the deadline noted above.

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Yet, little attention has been given to the third ingredient which is safe drivers.

Studies have shown that the biggest threats to road safety are the drivers themselves.

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Essay On Driving Safely

Looking for more scholarship essay contests you can enter?The collision changed his life as it resulted in the death of a man. The same is true for those who take their snacks while driving.According to a study conducted by Brunel Univesity eating or drinking while driving has an effect on a person’s reflexes.There are three ingredients for ensuring safety while on the road: safe cars, safe roads, and safe drivers.Nowadays, significant improvements have been made by car manufacturers in ensuring that the cars being driven on the road are safe.Learn more about these other great scholarship opportunities below.Amidst the increase in accidents and deaths caused by drivers texting, people behind the wheel continue to use their phone with no sense of doing wrong.Patrick Sims, a high school senior, learned about the dangers of texting while driving the hard way.(Susan Koeppen 1) In 2006, Patrick Sims was driving a car with his girlfriend.Overspeeding has led to the deaths of a countless number of people in the past decades.One of the most famous cases of overspeeding was the case of Princess Diana who died in a car crash in Paris.


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