Essay On Good Manners In English

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Good manners are one of the traits that count the most.

A good conduct towards a person makes him feel respected and he or she instantly starts getting a good vibe for that person.

Introduction Manners are basically a reflection of one’s character.

They are a type of non-verbal communication with the surroundings we are dealing with.

It will help you provide a positive image of yourself to the world.

Your manners are the first thing a person would consider while judging you, because it is what sets your first impression.

Friendships are initiated and relationships are strengthened on the basis of good manners.

Examples of Good Manners Here are some of the examples of good manners: Conclusion Many more such small things that we tend to ignore in our day to day lives can have a great impact on us and our lives.

Good manners and their importance must be taught to children from an early age.

It is the duty of the parents and teachers to ensure their children inculcate good manners.


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