Essay On Impact Of Media On Our Society

For example, some advertisements like Mountain Dew show daring stunt actions where the statutory warning is either not written or written in very small illegible fonts.

The young people have developed a habit of using acronyms and abbreviations to post on Facebook or tweet on twitter.

As a result this has been transferred to academic writing as young people write in class the way they do on social media.

Don’t you think this ad so rudely used the agony of dark complexion and gender biases?

Hence, the ad agencies must be more careful and conscious of the ads they make.

Some other ads unnecessarily use female models and sexually explicit scenes like Euro briefs or Aristocrat apple juice ads, which create unhealthy impression among the minors.

Essay On Impact Of Media On Our Society Essay Writing On School

Some advertisements show precocious children advising their parents on various issues.The invasion of social media seems like a virus to the old generation, sadly, it is a phenomenon that is here to stay as the new generation is being born to computer era.The rise in popularity of the social media networks has raised concerns over the literacy and writing abilities of the young generation due to their frequent use of abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons.Those that perceive social media to have a negative effect have come up in arms and declared that the social media has a critical influence in writing skills of students.Facebook and twitter are a medium of communication, a platform to air ones view and a place to meet new people and reunite with old friends.Facebook and twitter is deteriorating the standard written English that we used to know back in the day before the invention and invasion of the social media.There are many ways to approach the issues at hand and I will present a combination of factual data, studies and real life experiences and teachings so as to provide a convincing research paper (Lee, 2004).Writing is an essential skill that allows people to participate in activities of the society.It is an issue dealing with education but a general issue that affects every individual who is literate.Many young people spend most of their time on the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.These individuals do not read literature books at all, in time without practice the subtle art of proper spelling slowly dies.


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