Essay On Proverb Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Essay On Proverb Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness-59
The founder of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, was himself an example of clean living. Mumbai is a glaring example of a city with shiny skyscrapers but filthy backyards.If cleanliness is to be sustained, it must be holistic.

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In our daily life, what kind of examples do we put forth for our children to emulate?

As iron and steel manufacturers, do we have a tolerance limit for the amount of scrap lying unused in the Plants?

Unmindful of his act, he carried on without qualms.

An elderly woman, walking a few steps behind him, lifted the wrapper and put it in her bag.

Do we allow the used paper to run amok in piles of garbage, or do we have the will and patience to recover and use it?

Do we take due precaution while disposing electronic wastes, or do we wriggle out the easy way?

The student replies that the robe was first used as a bed spread, then a window curtain, then a kitchen cloth, then a floor-swab, before ending as a wick in Buddha’s lamp. Do we throw the snack paper outside from the moving car, or do we take the pains to hold it till we find a dustbin?

Do we wait for the office cleaner to wipe the dust off the separator panel, or do we actually use the dust cloth given to us as stationery?

This takes us to an episode in Buddha’s life, when one of his disciples asks him for a new robe.

On that, the saint enquires what his disciple did with the old robe.


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