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According to Warren, we glorify God by utilizing God-given gifts to serve others.

He asserts that God has granted us talents, skills and abilities which should be used not only for personal gain but more so for the benefit of others.

The goal of this educational program was to teach these students about safety restraints and how important seat-belts are.

While this program was not math or science related, the techniques used by the teacher are applicable to any classroom setting with diverse students.

These differences will affect their ability to learn and grow as a student and the strategies I implement in my classroom will affect their ability to succeed.

When teaching a lesson to a student with a special need such as cerebral palsy, certain tactics need to be used as outlined in an article by Frank Ricci, a nurse in the ICU at a children’s hospital in Pittsburgh. We are able to glorify God by worshipping Him not only out of duty or obligation but wholeheartedly.The second purpose is to glorify God by loving other believers. This means that by becoming like Jesus, believers are able to reach spiritual maturity.It should also be highlighted that this book is not only aimed at a particular Christian denomination, say Protestant or Catholic, rather the author tackles a universal theme that most, if not all, churches can relate to. The first part provides an overview on how one should perceive his purpose in life.In this chapter, Warren asserts that what is of utmost importance to human beings as God's creation is to know God's purpose in our lives.The first purpose pertains to our glorifying God by worshipping Him.The type of worship that Warren refers is the one which is motivated by our love, gratitude and delight in God.Warren puts forth that living with a purpose is the only way to truly live.As such, we should be mindful not only of knowing our purpose but aiding others in discovering theirs as well.The book ends with the fifth purpose that sends off readers with a mission.This mission entails glorifying God by telling others about Him.


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