Essay On Uses Of Domestic Animals

Animals have been utilized for work, recreation, companionship as well as medical and scientific projects.

Why are there so many different kinds of domesticated animal species suited for captivity?

Domestication of Dogs Humans know dogs as a sweet and loving animal that wants to be loved, or also a man’s best friend, but until they were domesticated, they weren’t always like that.

Even though many people think that the dogs were domesticated from wolves, not many people truly knows what kind of wolf that the dogs domesticated from.

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The Romans are thought to be the first to classify these dogs.

Some classifications involve house dogs, shepherd dogs, sporting dogs, and war dogs.

For example, large, aggressive, and big-horned bulls were probably too dangerous to keep around and so did not survive to reproduce these characteristics.

Thus, over time, early farmers unknowingly altered the genetic make-up of the life forms Humans also need many vitamins and at least trace amounts of many elements; these needs are met by including in the diet all sorts of edible plants such as onions, garlic, lentils, garbanzos, cabbage, turnips, fruits, and berries, etc.


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