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A bad Why This College example: "I really really want to go to Northwestern because I just have this feeling that it's the place for me" does not a good case make.

It doesn't show how you are a.) qualified or b.) a good match for the school.

Learn how to write a “Why This College” essay with my guide examples. ” essay, and variations of this prompt, is one of the most popular supplemental essay questions asked of students on the college application.

Go over the DO’s and DON’Ts so you can write an essay that stands out. Here are just a few schools that have (or recently required) this prompt: This guide will provide a step-by-step strategy and tons of “Why this college? ” essay) examples to help you stand out on your essay and even help you decide what kind of school you want to go to.

Although the basics of it are set (it’s a place where you go to learn), how it works, what it looks like, and what it means for different people can vary greatly.

Ultimately, any definition of school will be dependent on the person’s own experience of it.In the USA, any educational establishment can be described as a school, when as in the UK, school is a place you go to up to the age of 16.A school is also a group of fish, although we will focus on the educational establishment in this essay.In fact, here's what to do after you've written your first draft: Go back through your essay and underline anything that sounds like it could have appeared in another student's essay. In your "Why This College" essay you're making a case, and the case is this: "You [the school] and I [the student] are a perfect match." But...DON'T: Simply use emotional language to make your case.School can leave some youngsters feeling vulnerable, lacking in self-esteem and even totally hopeless about their lives.In conclusion, there is no single definition that can be given to describe school.School can be a place of safety, perhaps from an abusive home life, or for children in third world countries, as a way of avoiding dangerous manual labor from a young age and giving themselves the best chance to have a better future than they would have otherwise.For many such children, school can also be the place where they get their only hot meal of the day, or even their only meal full stop, and it offers the only opportunity they will ever have to learn to read and write, count and add up.For me, school is primarily a place to learn and to improve my chances of success in my career and life as a whole.It’s a place to better myself, not just for the good grades, but for the satisfaction of knowing that I’m a better for going through it.


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