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'Animal Experimentations: Part I: General Considerations'. 'Basic Research: Issues with Animal Experimentations'.

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In the coming years, hopefully, more regulations can be passed to ensure that all animal’s lives are protected during experimentation.

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Animal Testing: Cosmetics and Toiletries Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in a variety of experiments (Wikipedia, 2005) Many experiments aim to test certain substances to determine their effect on humans, or to test medical or psychological hypotheses. Scientists do not love to put animals to testing for no reason whatever. Rowan - Article Title: Ethical Review and Te Animal Care and Use Committee.

Animal testing has been proved to be beneficial regarding a lot of diseases and this cannot be denied by anyone.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) supports animal testing as it also helps the animals themselves, creating their vaccines for many of their own issues, including saving endangered species from extinction.

The animals being tested, such as chimpanzees and mice, share 98-99% genetic DNA, biological organs and central nervous systems to humans, and are susceptible to similar illnesses. These developments are sometimes attributed partly to the fact that scientists and researchers have been able to use animals as "guinea pigs" for testing new medications or treatment methods before passing them to human volunteers. Science and Engineering Ethics, 12(1), 111- Animal Testing Negatives of Animal Testing Outweigh Its Positives and Therefore Should Not be Allowed Many cures and treatments have been developed in the last three hundred years due to advances in medical technology. Does it remain as unavoidable or can society move past animal testing and find new ways to test products and medicines? 'The Conflict Over Animal Experimentation: Is The Field Of Battle Changing? Law and Animal Experimentation: A Critical Primer'. on animal testing I have come to realize my personal view has now changed since the start of my research.Before undergoing heavy study into animal testing I believed that all types of animal testing should be stopped, but now I believe that the idea is very beneficial and should only be done when the rights of the animal are considered.However, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) gives details of the harsh chemical research for the cosmetics used by vain consumers.Understand that bug repellent should undergo a toxicological test to protect humans from malaria carried by mosquitoes, while the American woman uses 12 beauty products a day that are also tested on animals, which are often put through traumatizing events and lethal doses of toxic chemicals.Many political and scientific figures state that animals don’t have rights, as they do not have the capability nor cognitive awareness to make moral judgments.However, Bolivia’s new protection for their social and economical respect for nature makes them the first country to give legal rights to nature in the hopes to improve the quality of life to the Bolivian people.


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