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Despite this, my senior year of college I began to take singing lessons, with the intent of auditioning for the local community theater’s production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.After months of voice lessons, the day of my audition had arrived.During my first teaching hour of the day, I opened up the three podcasts and chose one to play. ” I replied, shocked.“My brother knew her, though,” someone else rang out. This young woman spoke of happiness, of hope, and of her inoperable brain tumor. There was a feeling about the room that this essay had become more than just words on paper.

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They don’t have time for crosswords or word searches, worksheets that I won’t read, or tests that aren’t accurate to their learning. To be fair, this started out as an endeavor because it is currently my first year of teaching and I need examples essays.

Additionally, I’ve read enough books by Kelly Gallagher to know that showing your students your own struggle with the writing process is a legitimate teaching practice. I’m much less likely to assign an awful essay topic or give my kids an unreasonable amount of writing requirements if I’m doing it, too.

Recently my kids have been writing their own This I Believe essays.

I held a large plastic umbrella, covered in flashing Christmas lights, with holographic streamers hanging down on all sides. Trying out for a musical was exactly the opposite of my comfort zone.

Miraculously, I had made it into the cast of The Little Mermaid musical. My average evening is the kind that involves books, warm blankets, and cuddling with my dogs.


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