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Even those who place into a standard writing course may well lack the skills needed to complete it.

In my writing classes, a student will say, “I’m a bad writer,” never having learned that drafting, revising, and getting input before revising again are what all writers do.

Next, introduce a planning tool, where the students note their topics, their possible main points or examples, and their audience, and then have the students explain why they chose the particular topics and examples.

After a class or group discussion, this tool can become the basis for a draft, presented to the class or discussed in groups.

After students draft their essays, they review them using a student-friendly , with categories found in the Common Core, C3, PARCC, and Smarter Balanced frameworks.

Zoom In asks students to both write and read the way that historians do.student writing, using interactive outlines, tips, and sentence starters.Teachers can differentiate instruction by assigning individual students either a high or low level of writing support.Discussing the draft allows students to test their assumptions against an audience, see what questions arise, discover what they have left out or overemphasized, and learn whether the topic appeals at all.Try to have a day or two to meet individually with students in class for a few minutes as they are working to see where they are and suggest options for structure or details.Students might pick the opening or concluding paragraph, a detail, or even debate the number of sentences that belong in a paragraph.Sometimes the paragraphs are presented in class or discussed in groups and then one chosen to share.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Peer-reviewing is a recommended instructional technique to encourage good writing.After they have written at least one more draft, have the students complete their assignments and hand them in.Although there might be deadlines and length requirements (just as there are in the professional writing world), you can encourage students to revise and expand individual assignments after submission if they are not happy with the results.


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