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While Washington did oversee the construction of the house, he never lived in it.

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Today we find ourselves living in a country of fast and easy solutions to everything from family problems to the food we eat everyday... With fast food restaurants located in every town and city on the map, and our seemingly endless supply of food, it's no wonder we waste so much food.So many companies and corporations are finding new ways to try to make things easier by inventing disposable items.The most popular disposable items are likely to include: diapers, kitchenware, and cleaning products. Thus, we become very wasteful; maybe even the most wasteful people in the world. And we can't help but wonder how much of that was just wasted.Every year, this country produces enough garbage to fill a line of dump trucks all the way to the moon. And not only that, but we are also wasteful with our money and food as well.However, the Fourth of July is when John Hancock wrote the first signature on the Declaration of Independence in order to spread the word of the vote.Fifty-six men signed the document that announced intended independence from British rule.Speaking of our kitchen cabinets, lets take a look at what is in some of them.Looking into the cabinets, drawers, and closets of the average American family, we can find a numerous amount of disposable products.The Statue of Liberty, which adorns pretty much every bit of tourist memorabilia you can purchase in the Big Apple, is actually not located in New York City at all. We love our pie—enough that we collectively consume 100 acres of pizza every single day. Not only that, but a reported 93 percent of Americans have eaten pizza within the past month. Built in 1870, it was also the first boardwalk in the United States. The unemployment rate is currently 4 percent, according to the most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Annually, around 300 billion pizzas are sold in the good, ‘ole U. The biggest spike in delivery sales of pizza occurs around the Super Bowl. Its purpose was to limit the amount of sand beach goers took with them into hotel lobbies as well as the train. As stipulated by the Residence Act, Philly was made to be the temporary capital of the newly created United States of America between 17, while Washington, D. Today, you can still find many famous pieces of early U. The 16th president is actually in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.


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